Benchmark results

The E-Score summarizes the performance of a Stim into a few headline numbers.

The E-Score has a single “overall” value, and 3 components. The overall value is an average of the components, all weighted equally.

The components are:

  • Emotion
  • Attention
  • Association

We compare raw E-score inputs from thousands of participants and hundreds of Stims to enable us to model their distribution and produce well behaved E-Score components. Stims included in benchmarks include selected popular advertising materials, and Stims picked specifically to trigger particular emotional responses and high or low engagement (you really don’t want to see our “most boring video ever”).

Our benchmarks and E-Score model ensure that exceptional scores really stand out. Sometimes, biases in panel selection or other experimental factors can affect the relevance of our benchmarks. Please contact us if you need help or a deep dive into your results.