Concepts, Brands and Traits

The Implicit system is structured as follows.

  • Each user has many Projects.
  • Each Project has many Concepts.
  • A Concept can be a Brand, or a reference concept.
  • Concepts are represented by one or more Traits.
  • Each Trait is an image, or a word.

The Implicit test is structured from many Trials. Each Trial is a test for association time between two Traits. These Traits belong to various Concepts.


Often, we perform the same Implicit test more than once on a single participant to measure changes in association caused by a Stim. Each unique occurrence of a test is called a Segment.

To compare association between traits being tested with a reference level of association, we add “Baseline” trait-pairs (Trials) in between the Trials we are evaluating. We can then compare association on baseline Trials with the association in experimental Trials.