Create and Edit Areas-Of-Interest (AOIs) in Stim Admin

What is an AOI?

AOIs are rectangular regions that are active for a limited time-window during the display of a Stim (for example, “the first 5 seconds”).

Using Eye-Tracking, we track participants’ visual attention (eye-gaze) entering and leaving these areas. We also calculate statistics such as % of population who entered at all and how long they viewed the AOI. These statistics can tell you a lot about which features of a Stim attract attention and therefore what is driving emotional reactions.

Drawing AOIs

AOI’s can be accessed anytime using the Stim Editor by going to the Stims page via the menubar and clicking on the preview of the stim you wish to edit.

You can edit AOIs before OR after participants view Stims.

When the Stim is displayed, click and drag inside the Stim to create a rectangle. You will be asked to name each AOI to help when selecting AOI’s during analysis.

AOIs can be edited at any time via the pencil icon next to the name of the AOI on the right-hand-side.

For video Stims, you will also be required to specify the time window in which the AOI is active. This is done by selecting the AOI on the side panel and then using the coloured bars below the video player to adjust the time windows. The time-window of the active Stim is displayed differently and then its time-window becomes editable by dragging left and right.