Edit and configure Stims

Select Project

The Stims editor can be accessed from the menubar – click “Stims” to open it.

Then select the project from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. Note that Stims in the same project can be viewed as part of a single participant session. This reduces calibration effort for the participant.

All statistical analysis and aggregation is done on a per-stim basis, not between stims.

Adding Stims

Upload images or videos via the “NEW STIM” button. You will be prompted to drag or select a file to upload.

Note that the best supported video format is mp4.

Editing Stims

All the stims for the selected project are displayed as thumbnails within the Stims page.

Click a thumbnail to edit a Stim – the Stim Editor page will appear.

Key features of Stims to set are:

Set display time

For both video and image stims it is important to specify how long the Stim should be displayed to each participant. By default, this is 10 seconds. Be careful not to make this too long for images without much content, as participants may disengage.

For video Stims, be sure to adjust the time to match the length of the video.

The display time can be set in the “Settings” dialog of the