How to embed Implicit into a survey

The implicit test must be embedded into a survey platform for participants to complete the test.

Embed Code

The Implicit test will generate custom Javascript code for each project to enable you to embed it.

From the “Edit Project” page there is an “Embed” button.

Click “Embed” and follow the instructions accordingly.

Participant ID and Segment

The Implicit Test is performed in an iframe that is embedded into your own survey. You can embed Implicit Tests at any point in your surveys. When you embed an Implicit Test, it is important to set the participant ID and Segment. We recommend you use the participant ID from your survey system so the results can be associated later.

The Segment defines when the test was conducted in the flow of your survey. Results are aggregated within each Segment separately. So, if you want to test before and after viewing your content, you might have 2 tests with segments “Before” and “After”.

The embedded test takes over the whole page, displaying on top of your content. When it is complete, the test disappears. It is important that we minimize distractions during the test.

The Embed page includes detailed instructions and a generated sample of code to embed into your page. If you have any difficulty, please contact us for support.