How to view multiple Stims in a session

There are two ways to show multiple Stims to every participant:

  1. Add the Stims to a project and show them together, consecutively.
  2. Embed one or more Stim Admin Projects into your survey platform in multiple places.


Note that you can’t have survey questions between Stims unless they are embedded into multiple questions in your survey platform, or redirected multiple times.

You can’t show multiple Stims together within a single Stim Engine embed session unless they are part of the same Project.

However, you CAN show different Stims from the same Project in different embeds.


We recommend you use your survey platform to randomize participants to show Stims in various orderings using a suitable policy (e.g. least-fill). You can pass parameters into and back from Stim Engine in order to track which participants were exposed to each Stim.

More info here.

Sharing Calibration Points

By default, multiple Stims shown together as part of one Stim Admin session will share calibration effort by the participant. With advanced setup options, we can achieve the same when embedding Stims into multiple questions/sessions within your survey. Please contact us if you need to do this.