Implicit – Participants

Recruiting & Screening

The Implicit test must be embedded into a survey platform. Therefore, you do not need to recruit participants directly for the Implicit test. There are no particular screening requirements for the implicit test, although you can screen by demographic criteria if you wish.

Segments and Randomization

When you embed the test into a page you should set the “Segment” for each embedding. Use randomization features in your survey to send different groups of participants to each embedding, and capture the randomization in the Segment name if you want to aggregate the results separately.


The design of the interface is deliberately very simple. There is a progress indicator to encourage participants to complete quickly. There are 2 buttons that must be activated by keypresses (mouse actions do not produce accurate timing).

Participants are trained to complete the test during the practice questions. If they press buttons too fast or randomly, they will see a warning message. If they click the mouse rather than press the keys, they will see some instructions to explain the process.

To reduce friction, participants only see the instructions if they are not completing the test correctly. Many participants will not need to read any instructions.