Individual session replays

Every session recorded with Stim Admin can be individually replayed. The individual replays include:

  • Full HTML reconstruction of the participant’s browser screen as they saw it
  • Synchronization of video media with the original experience including e.g. buffering
  • Eye-gaze tracking overlay (red)
  • Mouse pointer tracking and clicks replay (blue)

To replay an individual session, use the main menu to select the Results page. Select your Project and Stim. A list of matching sessions will be displayed. Click the Play icon (triangle) in the session list table to replay that session.

Note that sessions become available for replay a short time (usually up to 1 hour) after they are recorded.

Sessions with a target marker also contain eye-gaze tracking data.

Individual replays can be useful for drilling down and understanding in depth how a participant interacted with your Stims.