Participant consent, data retention and GDPR


All participants consent to participate in market research surveys before activation of the webcam and completing the Stim Admin viewing process. Our Stim Admin technology does require us to use participants’ webcams to record a video during the session.

GDPR legislation (EU)

We will comply with GDPR legislation when it activates in 2018. We respect participants rights including the right to be forgotten and data deletion.

Webcam videos

See this article.

IP Addresses

We do not capture or store participant IP addresses

Browser User-Agent information

We do capture browser user-agent data to assist with troubleshooting and support. It tells us which browsers and devices were used.

Data protection

We use industry-standard services for data protection and security.

By default participant data is stored within the EU.

By arrangement data can be captured and stored in North America (USA).