Participant Instructions / Briefing

Good instructions lead to good results

Quality of the participant recording is directly linked to the quality of the data provided as an input. The biggest contributor to poor quality sessions is poor participant behaviour or environment. Factors such as poor lighting, non-adjusted webcams and multiple screens all reduce the quality of the recorded session and can make data unusable. These are items that cannot be controlled by our software.  

An easy strategy to improve participant motivation and behaviour is through instructions and messaging. The messages should be displayed prior to the session beginning and include asking participants to consent to activating their webcam.

Here is a sample of what we include for project run by us through our internal panel.

This is a market research survey. If you participate in this task, you will look at a video, some pictures, or a website, for about [ESTIMATED TIME]. During this time, your webcam will be used to detect what catches your attention.

Before viewing the media you will be asked to look at and click on some dots to calibrate the system. After viewing the media, there are more dots to click to complete the calibration at which point your session will be uploaded. Ensure you do not refresh the page or exit the survey as your results may be lost. In total, this task will typically takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

If you follow the instructions carefully and get high accuracy results, you will receive a bonus payment! (For best results see tips below)

  • You should sit at a fixed desk and ensure your face is well lit
  • Keep still and pay attention for the whole viewing (avoid looking at phones or other screens where possible)
  • Ensure the webcam is pointed towards your face
  • Try and avoid putting hands or other objects in front of your face

If you manually exit, hit ESCAPE or ‘Cancel’ during the process, the task will not be completed successfully and you may not be paid in full for the task.

We care about privacy just like you do. Although your webcam will turn on your face will not be seen by [panel/company name] or it’s clients under any circumstance.

Follow the instructions to start the survey. If you are unwilling to turn on your webcam please exit the survey now.

Language support

Stim Admin is mostly self-explanatory. The instructions provided within the viewing process can be displayed in a number of supported languages.