Participant Redirection Example

Find the Redirect code

Embedding Stim Admin viewer into a survey is very easy. Simply go to the “Embed” section in the menu in Stim Admin, and select your project.

You will then see some options to select which Stims to show, and their ordering. You can also toggle emotions on and off. The default options are usually fine.

Click the “Generate Code” button to generate Javascript code that you can paste into your survey platform. By default, the Javascript embed option is shown. Click the “REDIRECT” tab to show the redirect code.

Note that the redirect option is not available for the Implicit test.

Understanding the code

The code provided by StimEngine will look something like this:{“stimUids”:[“1130da0dec54fde2681e4c0211e7e372″,”f7618a632d31ad294fc6db85015cc5a6″],”pointSetsFirst”:3,”pointSetsBetween”:1,”pointSetsLast”:3,”emoEnabled”:true,”newVisitor”:”your-participant-id-without-spaces”}&next=REDIRECT

Code Breakdown








This sequence of digits relates to the ID of the creatives or Stims being viewed in this session. Multiple Stims are separated by a comma (,) as seen above (Stim 1, Stim 2)

Calibration Points Before / Between / After

These numbers dictate the number of calibration points shown before, between and after each stim. This number is multiplied b a factor of 5. As such the number ‘3’ represents 15 calibration points.

The number of points between stims will only impact the session if there are multiple stims being shown in a session.


You can set the instructions and display language for the viewing process. Only specify supported languages.

Enabling emotion

Emotion tracking can be disabled by altering the ‘true’ to ‘false’. This can be done in the UI in StimEngine or by changing the code. This will disable emotion facial coding but does not alter any other portion of the user experience.


This is the ID of the user participating in the session and will aid in identifying participants in the StimEngine UI. This is optional, but will help you cross-reference results between the survey platform an Stim Admin, or to resume a participant’s session after they have completed the Stim Admin task.

Redirect link

This is the web address that participants will be sent back to once the session completes. Ensure the URL is URLencoded which can be done in the StimEngine UI. Additional information will be added to the end of the URL when they are passed back. Note that you can programmatically modify this link for every participant if you need custom redirect links per participant.

Final Redirect URLs

The Stim Admin system adds additional parameters to the redirect URL to pass information back to your survey platform. This includes a status parameter and a Stim Admin visitor + session ID for cross-referencing between the two systems. This can help with debugging an integration. You may not need such fine-grained responses and could treat all non-successful statuses as screenouts.


No Camera Access

No Face Detected