Participant supported devices and platforms

StimEngine has several limitations that you need to be aware of prior to embedding the code into the desired platform.

Participants must access StimEngine with:

  • A connected working Webcam
  • A reasonable internet connection
  • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser
  • Desktop or Laptop (No mobile devices)

Any participants not meeting these requirements will be unable to participate in eye tracking or emotion detection and should be screened out prior to reaching this point to improve user experience.

If you require your project to operate without meeting these requirements, contact us for alternative options.

Enforcing these limitations should be done by whichever tool StimEngine is embedded into, either through screening questions or through the use of other detection tools. If participants reach the StimEngine session and do not meet these requirements they will be unable to continue. Through JavaScript embedding custom behaviours can be set up to react to participants who are unable to participate but other methods will only report that the participant was not eligible before terminating the session.  

For any of the embedding methods you need to ensure your survey platform is able to handle capturing and storing variables. While StimEngine will work without variables being captured we will not be able to identify participants who successfully completed the session meaning we cannot troubleshoot issues you may encounter with participants. Not capturing variables also means you will not receive error statuses when participants fail making it difficult to identify what is causing these failures.

Browser Compatibility

Participants must use one of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera

As of November 2017 these represent about 77% of all desktop users. We are ready to add support for Microsoft Edge browser once they fix this bug.

Webcam Compatibility

We use the HTML5 webcam interface so any camera that works in the browser should be acceptable.

Recommended Pre-Screening Questions

We recommend adding an additional 4 screening criteria to any survey including eye tracking or emotion detection. We recommend you ask these questions before participants progress through the survey so they are screened at the earliest opportunity.

  1. Ask or detect if participants have a connected webcam
  2. Ask or detect if participants are using a supported browser
  3. Ask or detect if participants are using a supported device
  4. Ask for consent to turn on participants webcam (usually directly prior to the session)

These should be in addition to any other screening that is being done. Depending on the panel we usually expect that 60-80% of participants meet this criteria however this is largely dependant on demographics of the panel and specific participants of the project.

NOTE: We recommend allowing participants to change device/browser and be allowed entry back into the survey after being warned they are on an unsupported device. To ensure the best possible user experience running these questions or detections prior to other demographic screening will allow participants to swap to a supported device/browser before getting too far into the survey.