Project Workflow

All activities within Stim Admin and Implicit are done within Projects.

In Stim Admin, Projects manage a group of stims that can be tested at the same time with the same participants. Project grouping also allows you to differentiate which client project various results belong to.

Results are aggregated over selected subsets of participants and presented separately for each Stim. Results are visualized by first generating a Dataset based on filter criteria, and then loading the Dataset into the interactive analysis page.

Typical workflow for users of Stim Engine is:

  1. Create a project in Stim Admin and add Stims to it
  2. Embed Stim Admin in a survey platform
  3. Create a project in Implicit and
  4. Embed Implicit in the survey platform
  5. Field: Recruit participants to complete the survey
  6. Review and aggregate results, and then build Datasets
  7. Analyse Datasets for insights

Click the links above for more detailed articles on each of these steps.