Psychological Ad-Testing

Power of the Subconscious

The emotional brain is older, has ensured our survival for longer, and is consequently more influential than the rational brain.

  • 99.9996% of sensory processing is nonconscious i
  • Emotional adverts are 59% more likely to produce significant real-world effects like market share gain ii
  • Explicitly asking people questions often fails to capture emotions and subconscious processes
  • Stim Engine uses technology to get beneath what people say and measure their true thoughts and feelings, to predict their true behaviours

Our technology includes webcam testing of eye-tracking and emotion facial coding, and implicit association testing of memory effects.

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i Wilson, T. D. (2004). Strangers to ourselves. Harvard University Press.

ii Wood, O. (2012). How Emotional Tugs Trump Rational Pushes. Journal of advertising research, 52(1), 31-39.