“Relative Attention over time” plot

This chart is part of the Stim Admin Dataset view. It shows how relative attention (left) and emotional engagement (right) vary over time.

The x-axis is time from left (start of Stim viewing) to right (end of Stim viewing) in seconds.

The y-axis is an attention score. This cannot be expressed as a percentage because it is derived from “look-away” events (when a participant stops looking at the Stim while it is being shown). There is a baseline level of these events due to blinking, external distraction, moving hands in front of face etc. However, at times when there is a significant increase in these events it is due to the content of the Stim.

Increases in distraction events are displayed as troughs (low points) in the attention score graph.

Note that overall attention score may be lower when participant motivation is consistently poor due to sampling bias. It may also be consistently lower when the sample has poor quality video for some reason. However, even when the overall score is lower, the timing of the peaks and troughs is still meaningful.