Screening Participants


Participants may be screened for particular demographic properties and additionally within Stim Admin we require them to have a compatible browser, device and working webcam. Participants who don’t meet these criteria will be screened-out.

Participants who do not consent to participant will also be screened-out.


There are two possible outcomes for Stim Admin participants:

  • Screenout
  • Complete

Complete status does not mean that the data is of a high quality – it simply means that the participant has completed the process and viewed the Stims.

Note: Participants who do not complete the Stim Admin viewing process (for example, they close the browser halfway through) cannot be redirected back to the third party source – they must reach an exit. Not all completes can be successfully used for all types of analysis. Complete means that the participant has completed the task assigned to them, has been exposed to the Stim and should be rewarded for their effort.