Terminology (glossary)

The following words have specific meaning in this website.

Inbound link

A web address (link) that allows a participant to arrive at the Alpha system and complete the process.

Outbound link

A web address (link) that allows a participant to be returned to the source. This allows accounting and tracking of participant outcomes.

Panel [provider]

A source for participants. Often the panel provider and embedding third-party survey may be the same company.


A person (typically at home) who completes the Stim Admin or Implicit test viewing processes. Often sourced via online panel providers.


A web service hosted at a particular address or domain. For example, Google.com is the Google search platform. Stim Engine is comprised of 2 platforms: Stim Admin and Implicit.


See participant.

Screening [screen-out]

The process of filtering participants to determine whether they are allowed to participate.


Stimuli or Stimulus. A form of media or content (e.g. image or video) that you wish to test via online surveys.