Testing Embedded Code

Testing Checklist

There are several common issues that are faced by first time users and these often don’t come up until the project launches. Here is some advice on how to test prior to launching your project.

  1. Confirm Code displays correctly
    : Issues such as using Http:// rather than Https:// or JavaScript being blocked by default can cause the session to not start up. Ensure your code triggers correctly on multiple browsers before launching. For further advice on common issues seeĀ Troubleshooting Embedding or Redirects
  2. Multiple supported browsers
    : Engage is designed to work for multiple browsers. There are some however which are unsupported. Ensure you check the list of supported browsers prior to launching and test your project on as many browsers as possible to ensure every participant, regardless of the browser they are using, is able to reach and end state in your survey.
  3. Confirm variables are correct
    : If you have setup your embed code you should have 4 variables setup. 3 of those are captured and stored by the survey and 1 is captured and stored by the Engage platform. The best way to check if these variables are being captured correctly is to take a few random test sessions and compare the Participant ID and Session ID in the Engage platform to those captured and saved in the Engage platform. Also ensure that UID and SID are captured and stored in the survey tool. These are used by our team when troubleshooting or assisting in the setup of your project.